CNC machining in Mild Steel

CNC machining in mild steel is a process that involves the use of computer-controlled machines to cut and shape metal pieces. The process is often used to create parts for machinery and other objects that require precision and attention to detail. CNC machining in mild steel can be done using a variety of tools and methods, depending on the desired outcome.

CNC Machining Mild Steel Materials

Mild steel, also known as plain-carbon steel or low-carbon steel, is the most common form of steel. These steels have a relatively low amount of carbon (usually less than 0.25%), which gives them their name. They are also called “mild” because they are not as hard or strong as other types of steel.

Mild steel can be welded, machined, and formed into various shapes and products. It is often used in construction and for making car parts and appliances.

Available Materials

Mild steel 1018

Mild steel 1018 is known for being highly weldable and machinable. It can be used in a variety of welding applications including mig, tig, and stick welding.

Carbon steel EN8/C45 | 1.0503 | Fe

Carbon steel EN8/C45, also known as 1.0503 or Fe, is a high-carbon steel that offers good hardness and strength. This material is often used in the automotive and construction industries.

Steel S355J2 | 1.0570

Steel S355J2 is a carbon manganese ,high yield non alloy steel. It is used in various industrial applications including Engineering, construction and manufacturing.

Mild steel 1045

Mild steel 1045 has good weldability and machinability, making it suitable for a variety of applications. 1045 mild steel is commonly used in parts such as gears, shafts and crankshafts in the automotive industry.

Steel S235JR | 1.0038

S235JR is an unalloyed structural steel widely used in construction and engineering applications. The material undergoes a heat treatment process that heats the material above 1700°F and then cools in water.

Mild steel A36

Mild steel A36 is a low carbon steel that is commonly used in construction and general fabrication. It has good weldability and formability, and can be easily cut and drilled.

Mild steel S275JR | 1.0044 | Fe

The mild steel S275JR has good weldability and can be easily bent, stretched and flanged on it without any difficulty.

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