3D printing in Nylon

Nylon is a thermoplastic polymer that has a wide range of applications due to its versatility, strength, and resilience. It is commonly used in 3D printing filaments due to its ability to be printed at high temperatures and its resistance to warping.

SLS Nylon Materials

SLS Nylon Materials

Nylon is a thermoplastic polymer, which means it can be melted and reformed over and over again. Nylon can be molded, extruded, or cast into many different shapes and forms. It is often used to create 3D printed parts because it can be selectively laser sintered (SLS), which means that a laser melts the powder one layer at a time.

One challenge that often arises with nylon is its tendency to absorb moisture from the air. This can cause the material to become warped or deformed over time. To avoid this issue, it is important to store nylon in an airtight container with desiccant packets to keep the humidity levels low.

Available Materials

PA 12

PA 12 is a synthetic polyamide resin. It is white, opaque, and has good resistance to chemicals and oils. 

Glass filled PA 12

Glass-filled PA 12 is a highly specialized engineering plastic that offers an excellent balance of strength and stiffness, while also being lightweight and easy to process.

MJF Nylon Materials

MJF Nylon Materials

MJF Nylon materials have a wide range of applications due to their unique properties. They are strong and lightweight, making them ideal for use in a variety of industries.

MJF nylon materials are also resistant to chemicals and abrasion, making them ideal for use in hostile environments.

One of the most popular applications for MJF nylon materials is in 3D printing. Because they can be printed with great detail and accuracy, they are often used to create prototypes and production parts.

Available Materials

HP PA 12

HP PA (Polyamide) 12 is a high strength thermoplastic used for functional prototyping and final parts. It produces high-density parts with excellent chemical resistance to oils, greases, aliphatic hydrocarbons and alkalis.

Glass filled HP PA 12

Glass filled HP PA 12 is a glass-filled thermoplastic that offers excellent dimensional stability and excellent repeatability. It has the best mechanical properties and high reusability.

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